Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Show and Tell "Trash to Treasure"

Welcome to Show and Tell Sunday. Todays fun topic is trash to treasure. Our hostess this week is the talented Analise of Sugar*Sugar Take this link to her blog to link up with the other featured treasures.
My first piece is a framed box that I actually learned to make while watching HGTV Trash To Treasure. It is constructed of 6 old picture frames. They are all identical. You wouldn't have to have matching frames as long as they were the same size and thickness. You really need thick wooden frames for this project. Take the frames apart and glue each glass panel inplace, then glue 5 frames into a box shape, leaving the top open. The frame on top is your lid. Attach 4 knobs for feet and one for a handle to remove the lid.

Here is a peek down through the lid to all my treasures. I glued a vintage brooch to the knob on the lid. What a fun piece to make.

This next piece is a mirror embellished with vintage jewelry and an angel. A of couple years back I collected enough jewels to have a little bling party. Several of my friends came with a frame or mirror in hand and we whipped out the hot glue gun and bejeweled them. There was a lot of creativity, wine, and blisters from the hot glue. Definitely a night to remember.
This frame was just one of my fabulous finds that I have no idea what I am going to do with but I just had to have it.
It has a funny but embarrassing story to it.
My Mom, sis and I were junk saling and I spied this at the same time a man (stranger to me) saw it.
I said to him, "do you want to race for it?" He got a funny look on his face and laughed then he said, "no my wife won't let me have it anyway." After my purchase we piled into the car and my mother said, "now that wasn't very nice I can't believe you said that to him." "I said why" and she said, "didn't you notice that he had a wooden leg?" oopsy!

I love this frame, flaws and all. I stained a few spots and gold leafed the tips but other wise I just left it alone chippy paint and all.

My giant bunny is treasure to me but he was trash to someone else. Picked him up for a song because of his chippy paint and rusty ears. To me he is just perfect in his shabby chic condition.

After this you will know just how crazy I really am. I talked my girlfriend's hubby into talking back buckets of our beach sand after one of our seaside trips. We were flying and he was driving. He is so sweet that he didn't ask questions. He just loaded it up and brought it to Michigan. I wasn't sure why I needed it but I have found several uses. In this project I used the beachy sand to cast molds for my plaster cherub heads. They came out with a crushed shell and sand finish on their faces. LOve it! Thanks Jerry.

I am a crazy collector. I don't collect anything too normal, mostly odd things. This is a pic of my table that I made out of pottery shards that I collected from the Atlantic Ocean. The shards mostly came from my travels to New Bruinswick Canada and Maine. Love the book and the shells too.

This is a snipit of my huge barn made out of old salvage. I didn't make it. A local artist did. It is made of so many wonderful materials and so, so unique.

This little gem is made from what I think is an old mother of pearl belt buckle, old tat from a vintage hat, vintage silk ribbon and an angel/cherub button. All things that a picked up on my treasure hunts. It makes a romantic little necklace.
My last trash soon to be treasure is an old cupboard that is in poor condition except the doors are perfect. They are all chippy paint with a look of rustic elegance. My Fav! I am thinking of taking the doors and making tables out of them by putting the matching doors together either hinge side in the middle or latch in the middle. I will leave them rustic and just add a sealer.
Or do you fabulous girls have any better ideas for me?
Let me know.
Thank you for joining me for Show and Tell.
Love, love you all.


  1. Mya,
    Love the frame box you did a wonderful job making it a treasure. Your bunny is so cute and I love the cupboard. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh Mya I love that bunny! He can hop on over to my place any time :). The cupboard is perfect too!

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  3. Mya,
    I love, love, love the box! That is so cool! All of your treasures are amazing!


  4. You made a beautiful box with those picture frames -- wow! I really love it. Love your chippy frame and bunny, too. Thanks for sharing these pictures.


  5. Your bunny is perfect, the frame (funny story) is gorgeous and the frame box is just too cool. I may need to make one!

  6. What a great projects! The framebox is fabulous! Like you new cupboard very much! The doors are sóóó lovely shabby!

  7. Oh My! Those cherub molds that you made are AMAZING! I love them!! What a great idea. Blessings... Polly

  8. Mya, I love it all. Every single thing is wonderful.

    And, I adore those cherubs. You should make some of those to sell. Please let me know if you decide to.

  9. My goodness, you have such a lovely collection of trash turned to treasure! You are very talented. I think my favorite is your picture frame box. It's so elegant looking!

  10. I love everything Mya but I especialy love the bunny! I think he is just perfect! Love the frame box too, that is so cool!!


  11. Great show & Tell Mya! The frame box is beautiful!
    I really wish I could see that whole mirror- it looks just fabulous!!

  12. Mya...thanks for sharing how to make that frame box! I might just have to try it some time...and I have hoards of frames and need a good use for them....great idea to share!


  13. Hi Mya. I love all your treasures, especially the chippy bunny and the old doors. So cute! Happy Sunday! Di

  14. Mya~ I'm loving your old chippy frame, and that is a great story! So funny!


  15. I like all of your things! The bunny is adorable, your friend is very kind to haul sand for you, and the wooden leg story - well, that's pretty memorable!

  16. I love the bunny....he is fabulous! Very nice treasures to share.....

    Chloe Rose

  17. karin@creaivechaosJune 8, 2008 at 11:03 PM

    Wow...great things...but I really love the frame box!!!

  18. What cool treasures you found! I love the little cabinet with the chippy paint. It;s my fav, Susie h

  19. Yes Mya---that fat rabbit is the bestest! Awwww! Love your new piece too.

  20. I love HGTV!!
    It about the only thing I watch on TV!
    great box!
    I love the necklace I bought from you!! thank you so much for letting it go!!

  21. Great finds! The bunny is so charming, too!

  22. Hi Mya, I came over to view your porch party post and have so enjoyed my visit to your blog! I love your rabbit statue and cherub faces! I found a rabbit similar to this one a few months ago at our local flea market and was so excited! Oh...and the little Grand-princess, and she is indeed grand in her precious little tutu! She is absolutely beautiful! I miss those little princess, who used to be dressed like this, is now 14! She still is a princess, but makes most of the decisions about her wardrobe! LOL!

    Take Care! Rhonda ;)

  23. I especially love your frame box and that bunny is to die for. I don't know how anyone could bear to throw him out!

  24. Nice treasures! It must have taken a lot of patience to make that box! I love the chippy cabinet.
    Those are darling photos of your grandaughter!
    Have a great week,


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