Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Waif Girl continued

The day was long and Tally was bone tired. This was a good kind of tired. The kind that made you feel like you had accomplished something and were deserving of rest. Sleep would come easy tonight.
When she unlocked the door and walked inside Tally noticed how deafening the silence was. This was not a sound that she was accustomed to. Her life before had been filled with noise and movement. Her surroundings had always been full with life and purpose. Now it was only she and this silent little rented cottage. Tally looked around and thought I need to add a little color to this place. She sighed as she sat down in a comfy slip covered chair near the open window. The warm salty breeze felt wonderful against her skin. She loved the way the long sheer curtains blew across the floor. It felt as though the room was alive and breathing.
"It's just you and me", she murmured to the empty room of this quaint little cottage. She felt blessed to at least have found a place that was soulful and gave her a sense of inspiration to go on living. This old girl had been the caretaker's cottage to the slightly dilapidated mansion up the hill. She wasn't in the best of shape and the weeds and wild roses had grown up all around but Tally kind of liked it that way. She felt hidden and safe.
It was part of a cottage row and the closest one to the sea. All of the cottages were old and failing but somehow this old girl had fared the best and was still quite structurally sound. The floor boards were wide wooden planks and in some places the gaps between them were wide enough to see the sandy soil below. Tally didn't mind she felt a kindred spirit to this old place and besides it was the only thing in her life that made her feel safe.
Tally wasn't very hungry but she ate a little, watched the sun slowly set and then turned in early. Sleep did come easy for her but the dreams still crept in. Dreams so vivid that they caused her to tremble as she slept.

This is part 2 of my story telling from the previous post XO-Mya


  1. AAGGGHH!!!!! LOVE it Mya!! I think I am Tally! I LOVE overgrown wildflowers and vines all around me. That hidden private feeling. I LOVE all the detail in your writings! MORE MORE!!! I hope you write a book ~ even a series of Tally books! The story has just begun and I can already relate to her! fabulous!! You know, I have ALWAYS for as long as I can remember had a dream of being a writer. I think you are wonderful and so talented!

  2. Hi Mya,
    It's been awhile since I visited. I love, love, love this story! More, more, please. Tally's cottage is my dream house. Tally is so real to me. I'm with Amy...a series of books would be great!!!! I love that music, too!

  3. Love the story - thanks for stopping by my blog!!


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