Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Your Beautiful Mind

What lives inside your beautiful mind? Are you inspired, full of positive energy, do you feel like a winner?

Why am I asking you all of these questions?

Lately I have been thinking about the power of the mind and positive thinking. In my early years I always thought of myself as being lucky and I had positive thoughts and energy. As I have grown a little older and been beaten down by life, so to speak, I have become much more negative and don't view myself as so lucky.

When we start out as a beautiful little soul so happy and positive, we radiate positive energy and everyone is so drawn to our spirit.

What happens to the child so full of self love and confidence?

Do you Believe? Do you believe in the power of the mind? Positive thinking is a mental attitude that anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome in every situation. Haven't you met those people that are just so darn happy no matter what happens they just seem to keep smiling? Or are you one of those people, always smiling, nice to everyone that others say to you "would you just quit being so happy all the time?"

I was always that happy, positive attitude kind of girl, until I lost it while working in place where the mental attitudes were very grim.

I am so happy to say that I left that place in order to find my former happy self. It worked!

Do you Have Hope? Do you have hope for today and for the future? You can influence your luck in life by noticing and acting on opportunities, listening to your gut feeling and coping with bad luck by imaging how life could have been worse. My motto has always been to take things one day at a time and live in the moment by enjoying the gifts of everyday life. This has worked for me so far. When I think positively and follow my instincts life is good.

I used to call it my bliss of unawareness while living in my own bubble.

Do you have faith? Studies have shown that those who have faith live a longer and happier life. I believe that we need faith in order to have hope. All of these qualities help drive the power of positive thinking.

I hope that I didn't sound like a Sunday sermon. I just wanted to share with you my inspiration behind the new bird house series that I put together for Studio Pink.
I thought it was important enough to share and I hope that it will inspire all of you to take a look into Your Beautiful Mind.

Give me some feed back and let me know your thoughts into this subject. Maybe you could share your secrets for keeping a positive attitude.

Inspiring minds want to know!

Follow your bliss,
XO- Mya


  1. Hi Mya,
    I used to be like you as well I was so positive and thought I could change the world. but life and reality set in.Now im not so nieve(need spell check :P
    but now more realistic, I dont put rose colored glasses or blinders on but I try to stay positive and look at the good in life.
    there is alot of negative people out there when I come across them I avoid them otherwise they will rob you of life and joy. I center myself around positive people and people who try to make a difference.

  2. Oh I forgot to tell you!!
    im in trouble big trouble!!
    go to my blog and see the details im having a giveaway for all who help me out.

  3. Mya, Thank you so much for my summer swap! I will post pics soon (and yours is off to the post office this evening :) )

  4. This is a wonderful post Mya! It really made me think! I am like you. I used to be really happy go lucky and positive. But I have suffered from depression for almost 15 years. It has made me very negative. I dont like that about myself at all! Their is no reason for me to be that way!

    I love the birdhouses, so pretty!


  5. I loved your post Mya. We need to talk about his more - that could have been me talking!

    Talk soon,

  6. Hi Mya,

    "What a wonderful thought provoking post, and yes something we all can relate to. I thought it was only me who finds myself getting more negative as I get older.

    *So lately I have decided every morning I get up and try really hard to squeeze time in for the Lord, to refresh my soul!! Through prayer and his word I am reminded that even back in the "bible days" they suffered from this as well. We are all so human and need to our Soul and Spirit to be RENEWED DAILY!! I believe this now. Every time I think negative thoughts (to get me down) weather it be about something or someone, I pray, help to see things through your eyes for that person (or) something.

    I know this is hard to live by, but it is worth a shot...right?

    Blessing to you Mya!!


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