Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to My Front Porch Party

Please join my front porch party. Our party hostess for today is Rhondi from Rose Colored Glasses. Stop by Rhondi's porch for the links to neighboring parties and wish her a happy birthday.
Thanks Rhondi, now let's party!

Here is my porch just waiting for a party. The rain finally cleared and the weather is comfortable. The flowers are in full bloom and the soda is on ice. Looks like we are ready for a few guests to drop by.

The rocker in the corner is a gift from my mom. It is from the deep south. Just like a few of my roots. So lets have some good ole' southern hospitality. Have a seat and help yourself to the strawberries.

Now that's more like it. We can't have a party without guests. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I have two very special guests to share my porch with.

The Grand-Princess is here of course. She may be a little over dressed. But this was also her final fitting for her new Tutu dress. Yes I know that this is a bit much for a 6 month old baby but you have to know my daughter (mommy). Well, I have to admit the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

The grand Princess sitting with her great grandma (my mom).
Mommy said she wanted a Tutu style dress for the princess and great grandma stepped right up to the task. Yes this little diva not only has a dotting grammy but she has great grammy too. Do you think we will be in trouble later? The word spoiled may come into play.

Help yourself to a strawberry or two. They look so yummy in all that beautiful pink tulle. The perfect treat for a princess if she only had teeth.

Take an Italian soda and come sit a spell. Put your feet up and enjoy the music. I am so glad that you came by today.

This ottoman was made by my dad and covered in cottage chic fabric by my mom. Thanks mom and dad. Just perfect for the porch. Love, love it!

The princess picked a beautiful rose from the garden and would like you to take it with you as a thank you gift for visiting the porch today. The rain cleared just in time for our party but left us with beautiful droplets on the petals. Isn't nature fabulous!

Love you all and thank you for stopping by.
You are welcome anytime.



  1. Mya, such a lovely porch with lovely people! What a darling that little on is, and of course not a bit overdressed! In fact, if it would only fit me.......
    Thanks for your visit.

  2. I love your porch---the ottoman and chair are so great. Of course, your little Princess looks pretty great, too. One can never have enough party dresses.

  3. Your Grand Princess is gorgeous as is your porch and that ottoman!

    :-) Rosie

  4. Mya, I love your porch, but my favorite is your Grand Princess. What a little doll, how blessed you are to have such a lovely family. Karen

  5. Beautiful photos! Your little Grand Princess is a doll~ and it's always better to be overdressed than under!
    That Italian soda looks wondeful, I'll have one~ thank you!

  6. Mya,

    thank you for the lovely party!! Your presentation was do enchaining and of course your little princess made it all worth it. She is so elegant in her little dress.


  7. Your porch is beautiful Mya! But nothing can top the Grand Princess! She us just beautiful!


  8. How adorable your porch is...especially with your sweet lil princess!
    Have a great day..Lorena

  9. Hi Mya :)

    Your porch is wonderful and what porch would be complete without a beautiful princess? LOVE her outfit! I wish my little girl would wear things like that, but at 13, I think I might have an issue getting her into it LOL

    I love that ottoman too :)

    Have a beautiful day,

  10. You have a beautiful porch!! Everything looks wonderful.

  11. Hi! How are you!You have a just lovely blog! Your little Grand Princess is a doll, is so so so so so cute!!!!is so preety I dont believe! congratulation SEE YOU I hope in my porch!xoxoxo

  12. Mya,

    There is nothing is this world more perfect than a child in a pink tutu.
    Your porch is lovely, but I have to say my smile got wider when I saw the baby pictures. She is perfect!


  13. The little Princess looks amazingly adorable!!!! That tutu is gorgeous:) And your front porch is so great, so nice to sit out there and enjoy it! xo!

  14. Well, Mya the porch is lovely and all but I'm sorry to say the Princess has stolen the show. ;)
    What a cutie pie!!!
    I do love your porch, it's lovely!


  15. Mya, what a beautiful little princess! And a lovely porch..
    Thank you for the compliment on my story. The third installment will be posted on Saturday. I am in a photo challenge tommorow.
    xoxo Nita

  16. I love your porch, and I adore that ottoman.

    But, my favorite is your little princess. She is beautiful.

    Thanks for the strawberries.

  17. such a sweet little corner of your world!

  18. Great porch and that little princess is just too cute!


  19. What a lovely porch you have.
    Your little princess is a beauty!!
    Love her dress and tiara!! You can never be too sparkly or foofy.
    Have a wonderful day,

  20. What a beautiful for a Princess for sure! Loved all your pics.

  21. Mya, your party was really fun and you have a wonderful porch and your little princess is so cute. Have a Blessed Day, Bonnie

  22. How beautiful- both the porch and the Grand Princess. Take care, JoAnne

  23. That is the most precious baby ever! And why shouldn't she have a tutu dress? Why, all babies should! I love the ottoman and the fabric on it is perfect. Thanks for sharing with us. Blessings,

  24. Oh my goodness, this was just darling! Every porch needs a little princess like this! That rocking chair is wonderful! I love the quilt on it, and the fabric on the ottoman is beautiful! Just a wonderful porch!

  25. What a lovely princess and a lovely setting. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  26. Mya, what a lovley porch and perfect little princess!

    The strawberries were "virtually" perfect. Thank you!

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  27. Mya, your porch and home are lovely. And the princess looks adorable in her tutu dress!

  28. What a sweet baby girl you have !Susie H

  29. Hello Dear Mya!

    What a beautiful front porch you have, including your darling grand princess! She is adorable! How nice to have all 4 generations living close together. You are truely blessed!

    Your blog is so sweet and I have enjoyed my visit with you! Thanks for the strawberries and Italian drink, just yummy!


  30. Beautiful porch, just fit for a Grand Princess! That little girl is a doll! You know the saying: "There would be far less spoiled kids if you could spank Grandma"
    Love, Ann

  31. Hi Mya!
    I had a wonderful time at your party! The grand-princess is adorable and a perfect hostess' helper. The refreshments were delicious and I love the rose the princess picked for me! Thank you for your hospitality!
    Hugs, Sherry

  32. Well that CUTE,CUTE,CUTE princess just stole the show from your lovely porch. :0) :0) :0)

  33. Hi Mya,

    What a beautiful porch and the most darling little Grand Princess I've ever seen! All of your pictures are so lovely!

    Thanks so much for coming by to visit my're welcome anytime!

    Yup, I'm a fellow Michigander :) We live in the Tri-cities area.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Mya!

    (Treasure the Moment)

  34. I'd love to hang out with you on your porch! And no, that is NOT too much for such a beautiful baby!!

  35. Hi Mya
    What a precious girl. She is the star of the party and makes all the beautiful porches pale in comparison. I love the tutu!! Your porch is delightful. I am so glad you joined the party!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  36. Mya, your porch is beautiful, but I'm just taken by your cute as a button Grand Princess! What a precious baby!

  37. Mya, I simply adore this post AND that precious little princess of yours!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Angelic Accents

  38. Mya, you have a beautiful porch and it looks like a nice party going on at your house. Your little Princess is just so sweet!!!!!
    Blessings, Shirl


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