Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Flea Market "Princess Parade"

Whew Hew..... Shop til' you drop Friday.

Welcome to Friday Flea Market's princess parade. Our beautiful hostess is Polly of Countingyourblessings
To check out the list of Friday fleas go to FleaMarketFriday

Bring on the diva's in their tiara's

Our first little beauty is sporting StudioPink's newest tiara.
The Woodland Fairy Crown. It is put together with yummy peachy pink colors. So perfect for a birthday girl or your special princess. $35.00
This tiara is meant for a princess 12 months to adult. The wire frame is totally adjustable and is covered by baby soft tulle and soft pink ribbons
The ribbons can be tied in the back for a secure fit. It was photographed on my 7 month old Grand Princess and was just a little too big. I had to use her for the shoot because you know how these super models get when they don't get their way.
It's not pretty. LOL

This next crown is the largest Mermaid crown I have made. It would be wonderful for a costume party or just for display. I have starfish crowns without the tulle for weddings. They are special order only. See my etsy shop StudioPink for more details.

This crown is adjustable and would fit a medium sized child to adult. It is made from a real starfish other shells, tulle and crystals. $35.00
The last tiara featured today is a 3 starfish tiara with shells, beads, tulle and flowers.

What a fun piece for your next costume party. Little diva dress-up or mermaid wanna-be's.

Find this tiara $35.00 and many more at studioPink.
Thank you for joining me and the Princess Parade today.
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father's Day.


  1. I love them all, they are so beautiful, so are the "Diva's wearing them. Looks like fun. I would take the first one in a heart beat, the flowers are just gorgeous!!


  2. Love the first diva... so cute

    pd: The House in the Roses is having a garden party and would love to see you participate... come see!


  3. Gorgeous!!! The pictures are super cute, too!!! Wish I could buy them all!!


  4. They are so nice!Love the first diva... so cute

  5. You headpieces would look great at

  6. Mya,
    It looks like you might be having too much fun! Love all the tiaras!
    Check out
    for a Mad Hatters Tea Party-you will fit right in.
    Stay warm...chilly in northern Michigan.

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