Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Swashbuckler Soiree

Arrr Matey, It's time for the Swashbuckler Soiree.
Hop on board the Annalea and set sail.
It is going to be a night to remember.
We have a few special quests awaiting your arrival
check back tomorrow for more pics of the Annalea and more
on my show and tell sunday road trip

Come on in the table is set wine flowing or rum whatever your pirates pleasure be. Set back and feast on this pirate cruise.
Don't forget your party hat.
I would like to thank Donna O'Brien from The Ribboned Crown for throwing this wonderful Soiree in honor of her 100th post. Congrats! Check out her beautiful sight and the links to all of the other Swashbuckler Soiree goings on.

This pic was taken on my latest beach trip.
I just know that Pirate Johnny is on that ship!

Owed to a Pirate

I found a treasure along the beach,
it was just out of my reach,
floating on the waters, so blue,
the more I looked my curiosities grew,
what was that yonder, still afloat,
I think I spied a pirate boat,
filled with treasure this I know,
begs the question friend or foe,
yes, I found a treasure in the sand,
and I held it tightly in my hand,
I know you want to take a peek,
at this lovely treasure that I seek.
-Mya Anthony

My two lovelies have joined me for the Soiree. These little beauties will be wearing their favorite mermaid crowns from Studio Pink for this party. Yes, I will kiss Baby Girl for you.

This Mermaid crown was made for a beach side wedding in Ontario. The beautiful bride will be wearing an ocean blue gown. Can't wait to see the pictures from this one.
It is fit for a pirates queen.

This is one of my lovelies modeling the Mermaid Crown. She was standing out in the snow, on one of Michigan's 20 degree days, wearing this crown and a fur coat. It was quite a sight. I think I should start charging the neighbors for ringside seats to some of our photo shoots.

This little beauty is wearing the ever so fashionable Seahorse Crown. You knew I couldn't leave baby Girl out of the party. She is the ultimate party animal and dreams of someday finding pirate's treasure.

How about a little pirate booty? Tune in tomorrow for Show and Tell Sunday to see where I got these beautiful turquoise beads. They made a lovely necklace or two.

This little mermaid is part of my mermaid collage for Studio Pink. Of course I had to give her a crown. She looked naked without it.

This young maiden is part of the mermaid collage. She looks like she is waiting for someone. Perhaps Pirate Johnny? I am sure she would have a fight on her hands. Right ladies?

Mermaid on the half shell, hanging from a very large empty bottle of rum. You didn't expect the pirates to leave you any, did you?

Another fair maiden, wearing yet another mermaid crown, decided to join us.

It looks like she has a secret.

Do you think she knows where the treasure map is?

Thank you all for stopping by our little Soiree. It has been fun spending the evening with you.

Don't forget to stop by The Ribboned Crown and link to the other lovely parties.

Good Night and don't forget to check back tomorrow for Show and Tell.

We are going on a road trip.



  1. Lovely post! The mermaid crown is FABULOUS!!

  2. Ahoy!! Love your creations and the darling little pirates sharing the fun! Hope you will visit me and go for a sail on The Lady of The Sea....
    Do come by...Ye'd hate for me pet raven to have to hunt ye down!
    ~~~ Karen sailing the Lady of The Sea~~~

  3. Those are gorgeous crowns!! Wonderful show and tell:)

  4. I don't know what I love most about your beautiful post, the guests or the glitter. All that I know is that you have spun a lovely pirate's tale and the shell crown is wonderful but I must admit your little one has stolen my heart in her crown. Your eye candy is just lovely. Karen

  5. Beautiful seashell crown!

  6. Love those mermaid crowns.

  7. Oh what darling Pirate Maidens! Nice crowns too!


  8. Oh my!!! Such treasures you have brought to the Soiree! I can't even choose which would be my favorite. The table looks mighty fine- fit for any Queen. And speaking of, your crowns and the little pirates wearing them are wonderful! SO happy you are saling along with us!!

  9. Your mermaid crowns are really lovely...and unusual idea - beautifully done. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Simply put, t'was beeyootiful, yer precious pirates and crowns and settings, and brought joy to me 'eart and smiles on me face as we partied at the soirée in honor o' Donna's 100th post an' Capn' Jack an' all!


  11. what beautiful crowns!! Great idea!
    And so sweet little girl!


  12. The sea crowns are spectacular. LOVE THEM!! And what little beauties you have modeling for you!
    Very fun post. Thank you!

    xx Nancy

  13. AHoy there, love the post and your starfish crown is gorgeous, not to mention how adorable are the small attendees of the soiree!

  14. Love the mermaid crown and give Baby Girl and hug for me.


  15. I love, love, LOVE that mermaid crown! So glad Donna hosted this party; I'm seeing all sorts of new and exciting things!

  16. I love your mermaid crowns...just beautiful!! The models are lovely too! :)

  17. Oh I love your poem! I am not even close to being so creative and imanagitive as you are! So beautiful!

  18. Beautiful crowns, and what a lovely post. Your sweet seahorse crown is fitting for your wee little mermaid. Nice seeing you at the soiree...Iva

  19. What a nice offering for the party!
    Love the crowns and the display of treasures...happy soiree to you!

  20. Stunning crown for the lucky bride to wear! Beautiful mermaids and yes, please do kiss that darling baby!

  21. Fun soiree! I enjoyed the baby and the seashell crown!

  22. Lovely photos of all the pretty things...esp. love the wee babe with her crown :)

  23. Thanks for coming to visit, my crown has been sent back home with the pixie royal gaurd! LOL!
    Have a magical Monday!


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