Thursday, July 17, 2008

A beautiful Day; gifts in the mail and awards for my blog

I wish you all a beautiful day filled with light that glows like magic and a gentle breeze to kiss your face. My mind is at the beach but my heart is here with you.

*Be sure to pick up your crumb at the end of this post*

Look at the beautiful artwork that was hiding in my mailbox. They are ATC's from the very talented multi media artist Suze Perrott of PinkCrayonStudio. Her work is so rich with color in softly painted hues. Love it. Stop by and pay her a visit.

What a lucky girl I am today. Two very sweet and talented artists awarded me a weblog award. I am so honored and grateful.

Thank you Heidi Ann of FoxglovesFabricAndFolly
(love your blog and wonderful stories)

and Chriss of TheArtistTradingClub (love your beautiful artwork and ideas) .

Stop by their beautiful blogs and visit these very special ladies.

Now I get to pass on this wonderful award to 8 very deserving ladies. Are you ready? Drum roll please...

Suze of PinkCrayonStudio Very talented artist and wonderful blog

Gina of InHerShoes Inspiring lady with a beautiful new blog of hope and faith

Jeannene of InHerShoes and LoveConqueresAll Beautiful lady of faith with a lot to share

Nita from RedTinHeart Inspiring writer with a heart of gold

Karen from A-Scrapbook-Of-Inspiration Very talented lady with a beautiful blog

Diane of A-Picture'sWorthA-ThousandWords Beautiful lady with a wonderful blog

Marina of OnlyCuteThings Sweet lady and beautiful painter

Kathy of JustBeingCrafty Lovely lady and wonderful dolly dress maker

Congrats, you girls deserve it!
Love you all!
Enjoy :)

And here are the rules ladies.....*Put the logo on your blog...*Add a link to the person who awarded you* Nominate at least 7 other blogs* Add links to those blogs on yours* Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

*Let me leave you with this crumb of the day...*

Lay a path of solid foundation so that others may follow,
leave crumbs of wisdom and words to encourage,
follow your bliss through beautiful gardens,
don't be afraid to take a different path if the one you are on
becomes twisted or filled with sorrow.



  1. "Oh My Goodness MYA!!!

    I was actually going to award you with this for posting about our blog!! You are such a "Kindred Spirit" Great minds think!! I have something else up my sleeve to give and send to you and you will just have to wait and!!

    Much love, have a wonderful day!

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  3. Congratulations on your awards. Your blog is so lovely, I am not surprised. Your ATC cards are gorgeous. Thank you so much Mya for your kind words and for my award. You made my day. Karen

  4. Mya, thank you sweet girl..
    You are a kind and loving soul.
    Love Nita

  5. Wow!! Thanks so very much for your award!!! thank you so much Mya for your kind words and for my award !!!

  6. Thanks so much Mya for the award and congratulations on yours!

  7. your act cards are so pretty!! do you make them?
    I found you from marina blog.

  8. Mya,
    How wonderful I'm so happy for you. Thank you so much for thinking of me and giving me this award. Mya you just made my day brighter. Thank you again!!!


  9. Congratulations on your awards Mya, You definitely deserve them! Your new goodies are lovely!!

    I LOVE your poem at the end of the post :) Great job!


  10. Hi Mya!
    I just came over here to check out your blog and what do I find? An award for me and those other beautiful ladies! God bless you my friend and Thank you for your heart that you so openly share!

    Much love.....your "sole" sister, Gina


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