Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sole Sisters are Good for the Soul

Photo credit to flickr cul9

I am calling out to all of my soul sister bloggers out there. Do you find yourself looking for support or searching for answers to your questions? Do you blog because you find solace and acceptance in your sister bloggers?

Well, you are not alone. So many of us in blog land have found what we need; a captive audience, lasting friendships or maybe just a listening ear, from our blogs or those of our fellow bloggers.

I have met so many wonderful people with kind hearts and beautiful souls. I would like to introduce you to a couple of my wonderful Sole (soul) sisters and friends. These beautiful ladies have devoted themselves and an entire blog to inspire and encourage all of you. They are women of deep faith and commitment and their wonderful sight reflects this.

photo credit to flickr cul9

Take a moment and visit Jeannene and Gina at their new inspirational home; InHerShoes . Some of you may already be familiar with Jeannene from her original beautiful blog LoveConquersAll and maybe you have visited her at InHerShoes .

For those of you who have not, take a moment to stop by for a chat or just to be uplifted by their faith, I think you will be glad you did.

Here is a quote off their original post for In her Shoes;

What woman doesn’t love shoes? My closet is full of shoes, different styles and colors. I love shoes! I saw a pillow once that quoted Cinderella saying “The right shoe can change your life.” I believe in God’s economy, this is true……wearing the right shoes can change your life. The question is, what shoes are you wearing?

It makes my heart sing when people follow their bliss and pursue their passions. Bless you girls for sharing your passion and faithful spirit with all of us.

Have a wonderful week ahead. I feel blessed to have all of you as my blogging friends.



  1. Thanks for the link! I love discovering new blogs. Hope your summer is going well!


  2. Hi Mya,
    Thanks for the link. I too love new blogs. I started blogging mostly for my family,to display photos, but as I have discovered new blogs and gotten to know bloggers, I really am enjoying the friendships I have made!

  3. Sweet Mya,

    I am writing from the both of us, Gina and I. Gina is on vacation with her family now, and will come back to post pictures on "In Her Shoes"...can't wait either!!

    "THANK YOU...THANK YOU so much my friend. You are the sweetest to get the word out on our blog. It will be a fun place to come too. With two Authors (we hope) it just might be!! Thank you so are an "ANGEL!!"

    "HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK, (talk to you soon;-))!!

    XOXOX~Jeannene and Gina

  4. Mya, How sweet to introduce another blogger. I will visit her post next. I like her shoe analogy very much. Of course, I am a shoe kind of gal. I also felt the soul in your questions. Blogging is a way for us to express ourselves and meet new friends. I am loving it!

    Love ya, Jeanne

  5. Yes! We moved away from family two years ago....far away. And I still have a hard time with it but blogging and meeting fellow bloggers on a daily or weekly basis really helps me. I have met some girls at bowling but they are sooo different from my old bowling buddies...I can't explain.
    My blog sisters fill a huge void in my life.
    Next month will mark one year that I started my blog.

  6. Hi Mya...Just wanted to let you know that I have selected you for an award on my blog!....Heidi XO

  7. Hi Mya!
    I just got back from vacation and I must say, I let the sand and ocean surf tickle my feet. :)
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for pointing ladies toward our blog "In Her Shoes". It is both my and Jeannene's prayers that ladies are refreshed by God's word and His promises! His hope is eternal and He is faithful. Also, when we can encourage one another in Him...that is just such a blessing! Thank you for your big heart!
    Thank you again and blessings!


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