Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pink Saturday; Mr. Knome

Welcome to Pink Saturday. If you love Pink and I know you do, pop over to see our lovely hostess Beverly for a tour of blogs in the Pink today.

I would like to introduce you to my garden helper and friend, Mr. Gnome. He loves to tend the flowers and herbs in my garden and his favorite color is, you got it, PINK!

Thank you flickr friends; lovely door

Here is his tiny pink door; hidden in my pink rose garden. He sneaks off, when no one is looking, (well, almost no one)through the pretty pink petals every night to his happy little pink house.

Thank you flickr friends; what a doll house

Here is his tiny pink room of his tiny pink house. So neat and tidy and oh so pink. He must have help with his household chores; don't you think?

Ahhh, there she is, his lovely room mate. Meet Melrose, Mr. Gnome's fairy friend. She loves pink too. Isn't she sweet in her little pink dress with fairy crown and fairy wand; sitting on a lovely pink wreath. I wonder where she shops?

Well, at StudioPink of course! Where did you think such a lovely fairy would shop for all of her pretty pink things?

Have a wonderfully PINK Saturday. Come back and visit me anytime. Leave a message if you have a moment.

Think Pink!



  1. Thanks for the tour of Mr. Knome's home. What a fun post to read. You made my morning.

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    take care,

  2. That is really cute Mya. I had a friend that loved these little garden statues like this...brings back memories of her!

    Thanks for posting,

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, Mya. This was such a fun pink post. I think they are a perfect couple, and they must be happy in their little pink home.

  4. I have never seen a Pink Gnome--what a treat! AND what a lucky guy he is to have such a sweet little fairy friend AND a Pink House! What fun you all must have in your garden!

    Happy Pink Day!

  5. Hello Mya!

    Happy PINK Saturday! I love your cute posting!


  6. So darn cute!!! I want a fairy door so badly!!!!! Love this post Mya!


  7. Hi Mya!Happy Pink Saturday. This was such a fun pink post.So cute!
    think pink, piensa en rosa...
    visit me anytime...

  8. Hi Mya, That was fun!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Love, Ann

  9. Mya, your post is so cute today. gnomes and fairies. Pink prettiness.

    Think pink, Jeanne

  10. Hi Mya, Very pink, very imaginative & perfect for "Pink Saturday"!....So enjoy your blog!...Heidi XO

  11. Lovely post! nice to meet you too! Vanessa

  12. Oh so very, very pink and pretty around here. I love your touch of whimsy and flash of fairy delight. I see many intriguing things down the lane, so if you will pardon me I will take my leave and wander ... I shall surely leave a trail of pebbles to find my way back here for many future moments of musing. So nice to meet you Mya. : )

  13. I like his pink house, what a lovely pink kitchen he has! Such a cute post for *Pink* Saturday!


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