Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunday Scribblings; Solace

Today's post is my second contribution to Sunday Scribbligs. Take the link and to find out where other bloggers find their Solace.

If my solace was a place, it would be where I could sink my feet in the sand, feel the wind in my hair, and taste the salty sea on my lips. But I think solace should be a place from within. A place where I am free to be me.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what it would be like if I did whatever I felt like doing; no matter what others might think. The freedom to say what is really on my mind. The right to wear whatever feels good. The luxury of not doing anything at all if that is what I choose. But instead I must plaster a Mcdonalds smile on my face and say, "have a nice day," to the people that I would least like to see have a nice day. I must dress for success and always be age appropriate. Every day I drag myself out of bed to get ready for a job that I hate and does not really reflect who I am inside. I kiss up to the boss in hopes of a fat raise or an early promotion. I pretend to be interested when my friends tell me how great that little Bobby is for the twelfth time this week. I come home every day only to put in another full days work by making dinner, spiffing up the house, running the kids to soccer, helping them with their homework and then reading them a lovely story before bed.
What would happen if I suddenly became true to myself?
What if I did what I was truly meant to do?
No more wondering if my neighbor really likes my dog or my girlfriend loves the way that I dress. No worries about whether my husband finds me funny or my guests love my decorating sense.
I would speak my mind at all times.
What if we all had this luxury?
What would the world be like?

Could we handle such candor?
Do you know your true self?
Do you have an inner muse?
Who is she? Can she speak for herself/or for you?
Would our world suddenly become an unbearable place?

If everyone ate what they wanted and said what they thought.
We might end up a bunch of extra, extra large bullies with bed hair, wrinkled clothing and really bad breath.
Or maybe the world would turn as it should without stress, envy, greed and pompous act. Maybe we would cut down on the rate of disease or self inflicted ailments.
I wonder could we live in this kind of place?

If we did, who would we be?
Who would you be?
What is the first thing that you would do or change about your life?
Take a moment and let me know what you think without the sugar coating or pompous act please; just the real you.

Can you do it?

Thank you for joining me today. Please leave a message.


  1. for too many years i had no voice, as i began to grow more and to change what i wanted to do was what i preferred and what i chose to do instead of the shoulds and the oughts --- many tough days standing my ground cuz when i changed the dance people around me didn't know the steps anymore - all in all more frustrating for them than for me --- like the cat in the hat on my page says, "those who mind don't matter, those who matter don't mind!!!

  2. Mya-
    This is a truly scarey thought for me. I'm not sure how to even find the TRUE me. Do I want to be that person who "lets it all hang out" and speaks my mind? I think I do, but I'm not sure I could live with myself or the repurcussions. I just don't know who that is or how to find her without crashing. This is so very hard to fathom - is the real "me" the one who cares what others think or am I just doing to to please others? I really don't know. Too much to think about on a tired Monday!

  3. Hi Mya,

    What a thought provoking post!!

    Are you doing things like your post, "what did you decide? Boy, we think alike...

    Come read my post, and then "In Her Shoes"...kind of along the same line. Boy, we think alike...

    Have a wonderful week Mya,

  4. Your post is really thought provoking. I know I wouldn't want to always be cleaning!

    I love my job and I it's the only thing I would want to do but I'll tell you there are times when I really want to tell a parent that their child is a brat and not sugar coat like I do to be politically correct! "No, it's not boys will be boys. Your child is a bully and will grow up with no friends!" There, that felt good!

    take care,

  5. Hi Mya!! Thank you so much :) I will try and check out those shops for sure! I plan on going to South Haven. I will have to tell hubby I want to add Saugutuck on to the agenda :)


  6. Hi Mya,
    Terrific post!(I used to participate frequently in Sun. Scribblings. I like many of the inspirations. However, my computer crashed so I don't have the archives.)

    You struck at the center and the bull's eye of solace. I don't live solace 100% (no no can), nor even a more reasonable 90% to be true to my heart's desire. However, I have made a concerted effort to change my lifestyle in the past several years on the path to inner fulfillment instead of plodding along not truly "living." That has been incredibly freeing and oh, so healthy, besides the boomerang effect of more enjoyment for life for those I directly effect like my family and close friends.

    Making those changes with balance is key. Plus, I'm lucky that my husband is wholeheartedly supportive; however, it's not an easy road. I work longer hours to achive the "me time" plus other sacrifices. Those still reap benefits in the areas that mean more to me and I feel like I'm living life rather than letting life happen to me.

    Good luck!

  7. oh, I meant to add this answer to your question "what would happen if...?"

    I think you would be happier in the short and long run!
    "To Think own Self Be True."

  8. Pinch me - is this my life or am I dreaming?

    I too go to a job I hate, and at times wear a mask and pretend to be happier than I am at the moment.
    Why do I do this?? Is it that I can't handle the truth? Not only about others, but about myself?

    To illustrate this...
    I started my response to your blog posting a rant about blog comments but deleted it, only because I fear that I would offend people who read my blog! It wasn't even directed at anyone personally!! =)


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