Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daily Observations

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Every morning while making the drive through the city to pick up the princess, I pass a pawn shop not yet open for business. It is a large well kept building that I have never entered. I had never given much thought to this business or any other pawn shop before now. But I can't help but wonder the stories that this place could tell. The parking lot is almost empty except for one or two customers standing along the side of the building or in front of the door. There have been many times that I have noticed the look of desperation and despair in their faces. I have to wonder if this is a way or life for them. Are they trying to pay for their next meal or support their life of crime. Why do they stand and wait for the doors to open? Are they hungry and need to make a pawn to pay for breakfast or is it the itch of a vice needing to be scratched? What ever the reason it does raise my curiosity.

Not long ago I passed the liqueur store just two doors down from this place and saw a woman close to my age retreating from the store with a brown bag in hand. She was in such a hurry to make it across the street that she walked out in front of my car. I don't think noticed or cared that she could have been mowed down if I hadn't been paying attention. She looked like she could have been any one's mother or wife. She was typical like me or you except for that look of desperation to make it to a safe haven where she could enjoy the contents of the paper bag that was so tightly clenched between her fingers.

Do you ever watch and wonder what makes one fall into the depths of despair and others rise to the top or at least tread the waters? It is both interesting and sad to observe the human condition and wonder.

I wanted to share what was on my mind with you today. maybe you have a similar story to tell.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. It does make you wonder why some people often from the same family seem to have a charmed life and others ...well, I guess you can say 'have a hard-knock life.'

    From my experience, addiction to something is usually the cause...either drugs, alcohol or gambling.

    That's why it's so important to educate our young people about the dangers!

    Addiction to anything can be VERY powerful, and hard to overcome.

    It is sweet of you to think of these people and care about them!
    Hope you have a great day,


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