Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday Flea Market by the Sea

What could be better than going to a flea market on a beautiful summer's day?

Thank you to my flickr friend Photog63

How about a flea market by the sea. Yes, I think today we shall set up our wares on this beautiful stretch of sand. We shall shop to the sounds of the waves crashing in and the terns calling over head.

Our lovely hostess Polly, says shop til you drop and stop by the market to catch up with the other fleas.

I will walk by the sea and dream of mermaids splashing about. I have captured these dreams on a canvas of Mermaid Tails. This 16 by 20 canvas is boldly splashed with color, shells and ephemera. It is available in the Studio for $15.00

This fair maiden is longing for the chance to grow a tail and live under the sea. This gypsy girl would even give up her fancy belt for a chance to become a lovely mermaid.

Here is Muriel queen of the mermaid clan. Isn't she lovely with her golden brown locks and shiny crown.

This little mermaid on the half shell looks suburb as a dream catcher. She is hiding from the queen Muriel at the bottom of the sea. My personal favorite can be picked up for $13.00 in the Studio.

Here she is hanging around the wine bottles. Her 5"shell is filled with beads, shells and sea tree. A little piece of sea glass dangles below. Beachy dreams to you!

Oh, how I love the sea. Nothing could bring the beauty of the ocean, to my decor, more than this lovely little seascape. I would swear it was something straight out of the Horchow catalog if I hadn't made it myself.

Update this item was featured by the Etsy staff in Etsy finds and just sold.

I will try to pick up more vintage saucers and mini cloches to make more.

For other seascapes and fabulous ocean finds go to the Studio.
I will take special orders.
All you have to do is ask.

Visit me at StudioPink

Thank you for shopping my beach side market.

Leave your footprints (comments) in the sand.



  1. Hi Mya! We share similar tastes as with the woman sipping something! It's an old image, but I just used it in a post on Thursday!

  2. Hi Mya, I just love your beach market today. What a great idea! I did a Floral market today so I guess we both decided to use a theme, LOL.

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  3. Hi Mya! Lovely ocean art items. We share a love of the ocean and the arts. I'm here because I read your comment on one of my favorite blogs (Gypsy Girl's Guide) and like you, I took a plunge to start a women's group. (Our area is so transient I was missing my friends who moved.)

    Enjoyed the "pink post", too! Your blog looks interesting. I'm an artist who will be back.



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