Thursday, July 3, 2008

Project of the week; Sand, Paint, Beg

This post is for all of you in the chippy paint fan club. Boy did I need you this past weekend. I picked up some fabulous finds at garage sales last week. Well, I thought they were fabulous but my family had other words to describe them. Below are some pics of my adventures with chippy paint, sand paper and Mr Mya.

Do you not think that this is so beautiful? Raise your hand if you love the worn texture and muted colors of this chair.
It reminds me of the ocean and leaves me with a feeling of serenity and bliss. I rescued her from a garage sale for $2 bucks. They were waiting for some time to paint her. The horror of that alone made me whip out my money and load her up immediately.

Just a little light sanding and she was perfect!
The detail in this chair is so beautiful.

I don't know how old but she is built like a brick house, very sturdy. The perfect chair for a shabby cottage look.

This chair wasn't a bargain but very solid oak and I had a plan for him. All it took was a little light sanding and he was ready for a coat of paint.

I went for Casablanca White in an oil base. Oil paint is harder to work with and so expensive but the finished product is worth it.

After two coats I sanded in a few areas to give him that vintage look. I love things that have a past life. They just seem to have a certain romance about them.

Here he is in all of his glory.

I added a little seat cushion so he

could be used as my new desk chair.

Don't tell Mr. Mya but the old desk is

next in line for a Casablanca make


Okay, now this was the big one. The fabulous find that got me so excited. Matter a fact I was so excited that I forgot to take before pics. In the middle of dismantling the little cottage dresser, I remembered.

Now first off I have to thank Mr. Mya for helping me with this project. He stepped right up and well kind of took over. Now this is where the begging comes in. I told you my family does not share my love for the whole chippy paint romance thing. Mr. Mya was so good at fixing the loose legs and drawers and a little too good at sanding. I wanted to leave some of that cottage blue, sanded lightly of course, on the legs and drawers. I loved the way the different layers of paint from underneath came through. It was magical too me. Mr. Mya didn't agree. It looked like junk to him.

Isn't this just gorgeous as is. Raise your hand if you think so.
Now don't be too sad for me he got tired as the day went on and I did get to keep one fabulous drawer lightly sanded. I also just sanded the handles and little embellishment, love it!

This is the finished piece. Don't you just love it? It is so cottage chic or cottage shabby, however you want to look at it.

It is funny to think that what one may find beautiful another thinks it is old and junky looking. So far I am the only one who loves this piece. Well at least in this house. But that is okay she is all mine and I keep her in my studio.
Thank you Mr.Mya for all your help but don't be too upset if someday I take a little sand paper to those legs that you so carefully made Casablanca White. Just lightly sanded ;)

Thank you all for stopping by

and be sure to let me know what you think of

my projects.

I would like to let Mr. Mya know that I

am not the only member of the chippy

paint club.

Have a very happy and safe holiday




  1. Wow...great pics. My arm is tired from raising my hand..I finally just kept it in the air.
    You have done wonders with all the pieces...I'm not sure which is my favorite!

  2. Mya,

    you sure have been busy, love what you have done with the furniture pieces.

    Thank you so much for your sweet support and lovely comments on my blog and the new one "In Her Shoes", please visit often you won't be disappointed. Also, your visit to Beth over at Monday Motivations and More. You are a very special friend, Thank YOU!!

    "HAPPY 4TH OF JULY" to you and your family;-))


  3. Another member of the Chippy Paint Club here! Love your finds... $2 for that "brick house" Shabby Chic chair! Get out!

  4. Mya Hi! Happy 4TH OF JULY, in my country the independence day is 9 july. wow!!!! I love those furniture! are so cute!I love them! xoxo
    Visit me anytime...

  5. I absolutely adore those chairs. And that first one for $2? Incredible.

  6. Oh no - I'm a founding member, I'm sure! LOVE that first chair AND the blue chippy paint. Give Mr. Mya a big hug from us 'cause he's such a good sport to help out =) Blessings... Polly

  7. Mya~
    Mr. Kim doesn't see things the way we do either! The dresser is beautiful and so are the chairs. Mr. Kim went to flea markets with me this week and he seemed less than impressed with the things I saw as beautiful or just needed a little love. But lucky for you and me they are willing to help with the sanding!

    Happy treasure hunting!


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