Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Connecting to the people of the world on Independence Day

Embrace your country for its wonderful diversity and beautiful culture. We have brought together people from all over the world to share in our freedom and prosperity.

I would like to share with you what was special to me about my Independence Day of 2008.

Where else can you walk to the

cottage next door and find that the

new owners are from a far off country

steeped in mystery and rich culture?

We are so lucky to have such

opportunities here in the USA.

I was blessed to have the opportunity

on our very own Independence Day to

have met a Tibetan family selling

some of their treasures brought back

from their native country.

Imagine my excitement when the girls

in the family set out for an after

dinner walk, only to see that the

neighbors had a table set out full of

interesting things for sale.

Well you know me; I just had to pop in

to see if they had any treasures that I


The treasures I found far exceeded anything that I could have imagined. The above picture is a prayer wheel used on a daily bases by Tibetan people. Inside the tiny wheel is a scroll of Tibetan prayers.

You are to spin the wheel three times as you say your prayers. It is worn and a little dented on the handle where it has been gripped tightly in hopes of prayers being answered.

I so covet things that have been owned and treasured by others. Especially something from such a mysterious and magical place.

This Buddha is made from a very heavy resin-like material. He holds a presence that radiates peace throughout the room. I can feel my breath slow and my mind quiet. I collect religious artifacts and statues of all kinds.

There is so much intricate detailing on this beautiful piece. It has a wonderful feel about it, that is so difficult to explain.
I will try to explain it like this; when you hold it in your hand you feel a sense of sturdiness with a perfect balance and rich texture, quite similar to the way I would describe the Tibetan people.

The family had formerly resided in Nepal which borders Tibet and India. They were so proud and eager to share their wonderful treasures with me. I was so inspired by the gleam in their eyes when telling me about their items. Each member of the family had something to share.
I later told Mr. Mya that I think as Americans we too often lose that pride and sense of place.

Tibet is such a beautiful country still so unexplored. They have such deep religious faith and traditions.
Unfortunately The Tibetan people are in danger of losing much of their culture to the take over of the western world. The western influences are so strong throughout the world that it threatens the diversity that separates our lives.

The Tibetans have lived a difficult life of high altitudes, persecution, and rough terrain. They are beautiful people with a belief system like no other. I wish I could be there to touch their hands and share their smiles.

Can you imagine the feeling that must

reside within these Monastery walls?

I would have to guess that it might be

somewhat close to the magnitude I

felt while visiting the sight of the Twin

Towers the year after 9/11.

The lovely face of these Tibetan

children gives me the feeling of

oneness throughout the world.

We are all God's children so alike but

yet so very unique.

The sight of these old shrines is breathtaking. It makes me want to travel the world, document the images and bring back her wisdom.

This picture is so powerful it brought a tear to my eye. I can only imagine what this women has seen and the wisdom she holds.

I wanted you leave you with my very own little piece of Tibet. My old Meme girl is a Tibetan Spaniel. These dogs were once kept by the Buddhist Monks to turn the prayer wheels and watch over the grounds from a perch high upon the monastery walls.

Thank you for sharing a very special Independence Day with me. I think that it was so fitting to make a connection with the world on the day we celebrate our freedom.


I would like to thank my friends on Flickr for some of the beautiful images of Tibet and her people.


  1. What I love most is the reverence for the aged. Love all the photos, but esp. the ones of the people. Thanks Mya.

  2. Wow, Mya! Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with us. Talk about being inspired!


  3. I adore Tibetan culture! I used to live in Nepal and I have 12 pieces of antique Tibetan furniture!

  4. Hi Mya.... It's so nice to hear and to know people like you; so ample in mind as to be able to accept people for who they are, accept their culture and their ways of life because they're human beings just like us.... that is what makes me part of this magnificent country....

    Gracias de corazon, mi amiga!



  5. I was so moved by your post! Thanks you for the beautiful photos as well. I love your purchases- I am especially charmed by the prayer wheel!

  6. Such a beautiful post even your words have a calming effect.
    I just want to thank you again for the award and to let you know that I have passed it on.

  7. What a beautiful post Mya! I really enjoyed reading about Tibetan culture! I love yout new finds too. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


  8. Mya, what a beautiful post! I really enjoyed it!

  9. OOOO Mya this is a FABULOUS post!!! So inspiring! I was just popping over to see what you have been up to in your past 6 months of creativity. I will be back to read through a little more, and to keep tabs on your next 6 months! You have set such a hearty, inspring goal for yourself, and I wish you the best of luck!!

    Jes Berry

  10. I love Tibetan culture and this is such and interesting post. I love the prayer wheel...and did you see that Buddha is sitting on a lotus flower...so beautiful.


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