Monday, April 21, 2008

The Budding New Artist

Meet the lovely new artist, Baby Girl, she has completed her first painting, just shy of 5 months old. It is titled "A Splash of Spring".
Here she is showing off her finished piece. What wonderful use of color. Don't you think? It is all most as beautiful as she is. Well, not quite.

She is putting on the finishing touches. As you can see Baby Girl has more paint on herself than on the canvas. It was hard work and after this session there was a bath and a much needed nap.

This is the beginning of her painting session. Notice the clean outfit. She had a great time with the paint. Her great-grandparents are the lucky owners of this masterpiece. It is framed and hangs in their living room. I'm jealous aren't you?


  1. Oh, she's soooo darling!! I have lots of my kids art hanging about. I cherish it so. Blessings... Polly

  2. Okay...this is just TOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing this with us!!!


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