Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sea Treasure;Seascape Globes

Seascape Horchow. This little globe reminded me of something you would see in a Horchow catalog. I love the sea and all her treasured creature's fossilized remains that she spits out upon the sand. I love to hunt for sea treasure, no not the kind that make a pirate wide-eyed with excitement, just the natural wonder of life beneath the surface, along the ocean floor. It is hard to imagine that the contents of this cloche were once teeming with life.
The seascape natural wonder is assembled on an antique crock lid. It just looked like such a natural surface to place it on. I found the tiny tree-like material along the beach and was so fascinated by it that I knew I had to bring it home and create something wonderful with it. It reminds me of a tiny little ocean biosphere, so small but yet so beautiful.
It is so funny that what one person finds a treasured object others just never see. I have always loved the unusual or strange. You should have seen the looks I got at the beach while gathering all the little trees, and other fossils along the shore. Well look at them now they are in my studiopink store on etsy.


  1. These are so beautiful and so peaceful to look at. What a lovely Idea Mya!!



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