Monday, April 14, 2008

The Traveling Mermaid

In return of my travels this spring I am reminded of past years and the many trips that I enjoyed with my family. I think that the first hand experience of another city or culture unlike your own is one of the riches gifts that we can give our children. It encourages a sense of wonderment and lust for knowledge. I was fortunate enough as a child to have traveled a bit with my parents and siblings. This bestowed on me the traveling heart that I encompass today. There is so much beauty both far and wide that I have not had the privilege to experience as of yet. But plan to in the future.
When my children were young we did travel a bit but not to the extent that I would have liked. I feel now that it is now my duty to expose my granddaughter and future grandchildren to the curiosities of the world. It is so easy today to hop on a plan to destinations all over the globe. Yes there is the matter of money travel can be quite costly and time consuming. But the planning and research is half the fun. With the gift of internet travel we can extend that trip or experience to last a year or two with the prep and follow up being done on via computer.
In the near future I would like to ask all of you to share your travel memories or secrets in a post with all of us. Sometimes the best way to find out about a cool place to visit is simply from the word of a friend. Stay tuned for updated information and date in a post within the next week or two.

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  1. Hi Mya,

    Thank you so much for posting my Button!! You are too sweet, and I will get back to you in two day OK!!

    I love your post and wish everyday I could do some traveling. With small children, I guess that will have to wait.



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