Saturday, April 26, 2008

Owed To a Pirate

This photo is from my last vacation it was a Pirate ship that took goups out on a sunset sail. What a beautiful evening this was. Take me back to the beach!

April is national poetry month
So here is one of mine
Owed To A Pirate
I found a treasure along the beach,
it was just out of my reach,
floating on the waters blue,
the more I looked my curiosity grew,
what was that yonder still afloat,
I think I spied a pirate boat,
filled with treasure this I know,
begs the question friend or foe,
yes I found a treasure in the sand,
and I held it tightly in my hand,
I know you want to take a peek,
at the lovely treasure that I seek.
-Mya Anthony

This is another little Seascape that will soon be available in the Studio Pink shop on Etsy. It is so hard to photograph these little buggers. I would like to get better photos before I list them. It takes just the right light, early morning or early evening, and just the right spot and angle. Maybe tomorrow.

This is a macro view of the contents in the bottle. Still not too clear. The glass in this old bottle is a little wavy. I found the bottle years ago along a Michigan river. It's marked LCW company USA. Don't know what that means I have never researched it. Of course you know by now that I love the ocean and all the treasure that I find, but I just have a thing for these little tiny tree-like structures that wash up on the shore. You should have seen me collecting arm loads of them while all of the sunbathers gave me very strange looks. But I just knew I needed them.
Oh well, I have always been one of those curious sorts that finds beauty in the most unusual objects.


  1. I just had to come by to see the seascapes when you mentioned them and am glad I did! So delightful.

  2. Hi Mya,
    Thanks for visiting Unshelved Words. So glad you found me...though I haven't posted in quite a few days...I've been busy with gardening and such. I intend to catch up on posting in the next couple of days. So, come back real soon. I love your blog! The seascapes are lovely! I like that pirate poem, too!

  3. hi mya ~ thanks for stopping by, and for your sweet comments! what a fabulous vacatin you had! I've always wanted to do one of those windjammer cruises ~ hubby get sea sick! xo


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