Monday, April 28, 2008

Seasonal Decor

Well, seasons are changing and so must the house. It is out with the late winter/early spring and time for that summer look. Okay I am pushing it a little, I skipped right over spring. I am in my shell or little ocean vignette craze. This is a small part of my mantle display.

Here is a bigger view of the mantle with my ocean finds and nature cloche with feathers, nests and butterfly wings. The candelabras always stay but the rest is always a vignette of my nature finds or a holiday theme. It's a bit eclectic but that fits me, I don't like too perfect.

This display is a cloche with a kneeling angel, some things collected from nature, spiced up with a couple clay mushrooms I made. Surrounding the cloche is old bottles/beakers, antique glass floats, worry stones and seascapes. It kinds has that "Practical Magic" look going for it, of course MR. Mya says there is nothing practical about it.

This is my old salvage barn, given to me by my mother on my 40th birthday. It stands on pedestals and has Lake Superior stones that I've collected below it. (did I tell you that I collect a lot of things?) It is part of my shabby chic look. MR. Mya doesn't like shabby chic so I just have only a few little niches here and there.

Here is another little shabby chic nook. My decorating problem is that I like so many styles and I have so many different things that I collect and I don't want to put them away. I am not sure what my decor is. I do have a couple of altered chandeliers. I put them together with different pieces parts. So maybe I would call my style eclectic rustic elegance. MR. Mya says no, more like early Halloween. Oddly eclectic maybe but I think the Halloween thing is stretching it a bit far. Well who knows. It is probably about time for a complete makeover anyway. $$$$$$$$$$$$


  1. Hi again! I am adding your blog to mine too :)

    It is so funny because my husband and I stay at a B&B in Holland every summer for our anniversary and antique in Holland and Grand Haven! My husband works on weekend a month in South Haven! I have not even been to either of those shops!!!! Thank you so much for telling me about them, now we will be going for sure in August!!! I just love that part of Michigan, so beautiful and so many great shops!!


  2. It all looks beautiful, Mya!
    Joy (Vintage Rabbit) does a lot of beachy coastal work that is carried in a store in San Diego called "Vignettes".

  3. I love your summertime decor.!!! It is completely warm and fresh and so inviting to come over. May I come over?? Looks just fabulous Mya!!



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