Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun in the Sun Memories

The sun has set and our pirate ship has sailed on this vacation but I have great memories and pictures to share. The beach and the weather were perfect. The Sand Key of Florida is a beautiful spot to vacation. It is much quieter than the nearby cities of Clearwater and St. Petersburg but just busy enough to meet your needs.
The solitude of walking the beach draws you within yourself. The sound of the surf, the feel of the sand at your feet, the wind blowing across your face and the sweet smell of the air infused by the sea are the perfect end to a day in the sun. We spent a good share of our time treasure hunting for shells or what ever else the sea will give up. The sea is constantly churning like a violent storm which melts into a calm ripple once it hits the beach and spits out it's debris.

This was the awesome view from our room at the Sheraton's Sand Key Resort. It looked onto the pool and then out to the beach of the bay. When the morning sun hit the beach it was as though each and every grain of sand rejoiced with a sparkling twinkle. The poolside was a busy place with a seaside grill and cabana bar for all your needs. I would definitly go back even tomorrow if I could, it was 40 degrees and raining when we deplaned.

This spectacular view was from the Clearwater bridge, departing Sand key Island. The shore line was almost exclusively condos and hotel/resorts. It gives you the feeling that nobody works here just living a permanent vacation. I am sure the unretired residents would correct that thought if given the chance. It is hard to return to the real world and Michigan weather but spring is crawling in, like a snail, one millimeter at a time.


  1. Ahh....just lovely. What a wonderful view and vacation.
    Stopped by to find your message bottle. I think I've been swimming in the bloggy ocean too long. (sigh)

  2. And thank you so much for displaying my blog button.

  3. Never mind...I found it!
    I think I need to beach myself.


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