Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Travel Treasures Make Mermaid Dreams

I am inspired by my beach treasures, to create something fun. I just knew that I would find a use for the many little ocean trees and shells my hubby and I collected on our recent trip. Hubby has become quite the shell hunter. See ladies they can be trained for some things. Does anyone know what these little miniature tree looking plants are called? I would love it if someone would leave me a comment and educate me a little.

Of course we had way too many to take back on the airplane. In the past we have shipped things back but this time we were lucky enough to have our sweet friends Paula and Jerry just down the beach with wheels. So they will be bringing our treasures home when they return in a week. Now you know that I didn't go 2 weeks without any of my fabulous finds. I did managed to wriggle a few in the luggage. I just couldn't wait, because that's how I am, way too impatient!

This pic is from a previous post and will be part of a scrap book type thingy, that I am making for my parents 50th anniversary. I am going to write a nice post about it and then print my whole blog (because they don't have internet and never ever see it) and put it in a scrap book type folder thingy.

Another inspiration for my Mermaid Dream catcher is my little mermaid girl and tiara model. Don't you think fur and shells go well together? Fabulous! Tyra Banks (or whoever is the hot model these days) eat your heart out.

And last but certainly not least is my little mermaid's little mermaid. Baby girl Giselle, she is a way cuter model than the famous model Gisele Bundchen ever was. Don't you think? She's so sweet. I know you just want to pinch her cheeks. I'll do it for you.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. It'd always fun for me to meet other bloggers. Your little Granddaughter is adorable. How old is she? I too love to collect things from the beach, my favorite being sea glass and shells.

  2. I had to cruise over and check out your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

    What a cool, creative site - I really loved your seascape globes!!

  3. Good morning Mya,

    Thank you so much for stopping by to leave me a comment on my ONE YEAR BLOGGIVERSARY. Today is it!! I have a "GIVEAWAY" just for you. I hope you will come back and see what YOU WON!! Please let me know, that you stopped OK. (leave me a comment)


  4. Mya,

    Come back, I just created AN AWARD just for those who posted my "givaway" on their blog for me!!

    Come get this one TOO!!

    Have a wonderful Day!!

  5. Love your crowns. I've only made a cone shaped party hat. That star fish crown in great and baby grand daughters crown is so sweet sitting upon her head!


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