Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary P.S. I Love You

This post is a tribute to my wonderful parents and their 50th wedding anniversary. It sounds like the same old cliche to say that I couldn't have asked for better parents, so I won't say that. I could have asked for better parents but they would not have been found, because I don't believe I could have two better people to be my parents. I am so proud of them and honored that they have chosen to stay together for all these years. They have made our family the special unit that it is today and made us (their children) the adults we are today. It is because of the love and support, that they showed each other and their children, that made myself and my siblings into doting parents and committed spouses. Please help me wish them a Happy Anniversary by leaving a little note at the end of this post.
I would like to end this post with my favorite family quote.
"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family".
-Anthony Brandt


  1. Happy Anniversary!! To Mya's amazing parents!! now, I must say... Coming from a family where my parents have been married for about 40 years...

    I will say this. The profound sense of family and love. Of caring and teaching, leaves such an incredible imprint on a child of parents who stay together for so long...

    Through my parents, I learned to love, to deal with obstacles, but to stick together, and work things out...

    So, I can say, from my own experience, that you have given your children a life long gift... A gift with no words... A gift so deep, that it can only be held within the heart and looked upon with so many amazing feelings, including, admiration...

  2. Happy Happy 50 th. That is so wonderful..This day and medical age,,may you have 50 more..My parents are on their 65th year...Just act like teen-agers but get a few naps too..May your years ahead be filled with love, happiness, good health and lots of family. Sincerely, Diana B.

  3. Happy Anniversary to Mya's parents! Fifty years is a special time - enjoy the rest of your lives together!

  4. Happy Anniversary

  5. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your 50th Wedding Anniversary!! Here's to two amazing people that I have always admired -- for being the wonderful parents you are and for your long-lasting love for each other.

    May your anniversary bring the happiest moments to enjoy together...memories to share forever.

    Lori & Gordy Beachnau and Kids

  6. Mom and Dad-
    Happy Anniversary… and Thank You! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful life. It is so hard to express emotions that go so deep. There are almost no words to describe the love and gratitude that I feel when reflecting on my life and how much I owe to you both. Your influences on my life are immeasurable. You helped me to become who I am today – as a person, a spouse, and a parent. All the riches in the world could not compare to the wealth of love, wisdom and guidance that you have shown. Nothing speaks louder than example, and we were blessed to have yours to model. Your impact can be seen in all of our lives: your children, your grandchildren and now your precious new great granddaughter – and it will continue for generations to come. Thanks you. This is a day of celebration for all of us.
    Love, Cindy

  7. Nana and Papa,
    Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! That's wonderful. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful influence in my life. You have been great grandparents. I am grateful for all that you've taught me and for being a constant in my life.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!..and Happy 50th to two of the greatest people in my life (and Gary's)! Both of you deserve the best that life has to have wonderful kids and grands and here's to another 50 years to the greatest Sister and Brother(in-law)ever!! We love you!! Melva and Gary

  9. Happy Anniversary! I was lucky, as well, to have amazing committed and loving parents. I stand forever in awe of The Greatest Generation whose legacy we see in people like you Mya. Thank you for this lovely post.

  10. Congratulations on 50 years together! Such a special time in your marriage. Wishing you all the best and here's to 50 more!

  11. Happy happy anniversary!! We are looking forward to celebrating my own parents 40th and we sure feel blessed with a happy close famliy too! Many good wishes from the Netherlands!

  12. Wow! 50 years!!!
    Thank you for always being such an inspiration for both Jimmy and I to follow. We hope that someday we can be as wonderful and as thoughtful of grandparents and great-grandparents as the both of you have been.
    Happy Anniversary!

    Jimmy, Danielle, & Giselle

  13. Nana and Papa-
    Thank you for being such wonderful Grandparents. I always look forward to spending time with you and am so glad that I am going to be closer to you next year at MSU. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful family. We are very lucky! I love you both, Hannah.

  14. Happy 50th. Thank you for raising such wonderful children. I admire you in this day in age for being a strong couple for so long. Here's to many more happy years together. Doug

  15. Happy 50th Anniversay to two wonderful grandparents!!! You've had fifty memorable years together, and have so many more to come!

    Gavin & Brittany

  16. Wow where does the tome go? I hope this anniversary brings you all the pleasure and happiness that you have brought into my life. Happy Anniversary,

  17. I want to congratulate you on your great achievement. I beleive it requires two very special people to get were you are today. In my opinion, this is a reflection of your family, all generations, passed and present and now you are showing the future generations how to care for, repect and love each other. You are great people. One could only hope to achieve what you have. On a personal note, I would like to thank you for all you have done for me and its been a countless number of things. so, today take a look around and see what we see, pieces of your greatness. Happy Anniversary! Love You (like I can) Chris.

  18. Happy 50th. Enjoy a wonderful celebration of all your years together. Years of giving, caring, sharing, hand in hand, heart to heart. We wish you many more years of happy memories together.
    Phil and Linda Ruehle

  19. Chuck and Phyllis,
    This branch of the Williams family would like to congratulate you on your 50th anniversary. It is a real accomplishment in this day and age. We are all looking forward to making that milestone, some of us sooner than others. You are a wonderful example of what a good marriage should be.
    Best always,
    Keith and Carol (45 years in June)
    Shawn and Mike (13 years in Nov.)
    Tony and Nicole (9 Years in June)

  20. An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. ~Author Unknown. Happy 50th Anniversary to your parents Mya.

  21. Congratulations, Uncle Chuck and Aunt Phyllis! For fifty years, your example of love, companionship, fun and friendship has enriched our entire family. You two are a major part of so many of my life's favorite memories. Your willingness to help me (and others), without even being asked, has been a constant source of comfort and a rare gift.

    You may not realize how special I think you are as individuals and how truly amazing you have always been as a couple. You are a gift to my life and all who love you.

    Through the years, it's been an honor to be your niece and I am glad to help honor you as you celebrate your landmark 50th anniversary.

    With admiration and love,

  22. Truly blessed is our family to have Chuck & Phyllis in our midst. Your role as brother and sister-in-law, first, has always been strong and loving, not only as relatives, but wonderful friends to us.

    Cindy, Kelly, and Steve are the recipients of outstanding guidance by such caring parents. This shows by how they live their lives today.

    We remember so much fun over the years with you both and look forward to even more.

    Thanks, Chuck and Phyllis, for always being there, helping and guiding us all.

    Your love is so apparent by the respect shown to each other. You have taught how togetherness and concern supports a 50 year marriage.

    Congratulations and love,
    Janet and Bruce

  23. Happy 50th Anniversary Mom & Dad!!

    What a great inspiration you have been on so many people not only in the last 50 years but, throughout your life.

    You have given me a great deal of pride over the years to have you as my parents. I could not be more proud of the both of you.

    Wish I could be there to help celebrate. Love you both very much. Steve

  24. I hope I am not too late;

    I want to wish you both a Blessed and Happy Anniversary!!" This is what life is all about. Health, Love, Marriage, Children, family and friends. But above all The Lord. He has blessed you both and it shows. 50 years together and he is very evident in your lives,heart and has completed you with all you need in this life. "Congratulations!!"

    God Bless you both!

    Love Conquers All


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