Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Toy Party (retro style)

Ahhh, So dreamy, Malibu Barbie and Ken.

Well, today is Scappy Jessi's Toy Party. Over 50 bloggers will be showcasing their pictures of the toys they played with as a child. I don't have old pics to share with you, just googled images. Stop by Jessi's place and check out the other Toy Party's http://scrappyjessi.blogspot.com/

Thanks Jessi for being a great hostess.

Malibu Barbie and Ken what a dream couple! I have to say they were my fav toys. This couple had it all. The looks, the tan, the dream house, the camper and oh, but of course the jeep. My barbies weren't your typical middle class couple. They were straight out of Beverly Hills. Life was pretty good for Barbie back then she was all the rage. Who didn't have or want a barbie in the 70's?

These little dolls hold special meaning for me. My grandmother gave me several Madame Alexander Dolls in native dress from different countries all over the world. They were beautiful and so detailed. I lost them to a flood in the basement of my house when I was a teen.

Oh, I almost forgot to show you Barbie and Ken's A Frame cottage. We should all have lived like Barbie. She didn't want for anything. I guess that's kinda deceiving to a young child. Oh well, I think I turned out okay. Just don't ask MR. Mya he says I don't know what the word NO means.

Did anyone have a Crissy doll and her sister Velvet? They were about 2 feet tall and had long hair that grew out of the top of their head when you pulled it. Crissy was a redhead and Velvet a blond. Velvet was my fav she had the beautiful long blond hair and yep you guessed it she came in a velvet dress. It was deep purple.

Okay, I just had to end with this because my brother and I had a lot of fun with this contraption. It was kinda like the easy bake oven (oh I had one of those too) but you could buy different molds and goop to make bugs or Creepy People Eaters that were edible, well at least we ate them. We played with this oven a lot but didn't always follow the directions. We use to fry little bugs, mainly Daddy Long Legs in it. Don't tell PETA.


  1. I enjoyed your childhood toys! My sister had Crissy and Velvet. Hope you can come by and check out my childhood toys!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  2. What a great collection, and I love Madame Alexander dolls. Oh, and Crissy brings back memories. So much fun.

    Stop by my toy chest.

    Blessings, Karen

  3. O so fab!
    i loved malibu barbie!
    and all there toys! we had the camper.
    that a frame is awesome!!
    thanks for coming to my party

  4. You had some beautiful toys. Isn't the internet wonderful. I had fun searching for my long ago toys.

    I find the Barbies so interesting, they were just after my time. I do have a fashion doll that would be a forrunner to the Barbie, but she's in a box and really needs some major restorations.


  5. My sister's had the Chrissy Doll. She was so cool! Creepy Crawlers-what I can say, every girl should be so lucky to have a big brother who had one!

  6. I loved my Crissy doll....I think I still have her up in a box in the attic.

  7. That Cottage is so wonderful. Yes Barbie and Ken had it all!

  8. Oh my I had forgotten about Incredible Edibles!!! Still remember that funky taste! And I had that doll house too! Forgot about that! Thanks for bringing back more great memories!!! Come visit,Lori

  9. Too funny about frying daddy long legs! lol I think making edible creepy crawlies might have been fun!

  10. Damned that Malibu Ken, he really got around. What a ladykiller he was.

  11. What a great doll collection !I enjoyed to see your Barbies. I had one with a stewardess costume and a skipper but they are lost in my teenage age.

  12. Love your barbies!! I loved Chrissy...she was my fav! I also had several malabu barbies...and ken too! :)mendy

  13. I remember Crissy. So sorry about your Madame Alexander dolls. Incredible Edibles... too funny! Thanks for sharing.

  14. They just don't make the Barbie houses like they use too! I love that one!

  15. I have a Crissy doll. I thought about writing her into my post but I didn't. Apparently I saw her at a garage sale and wanted her. My mom said no and I began crying so the lady gave her to me. Then my older brother wanted a football and tried to pretend cry but it didn't work for him. I don't remember that but I do recall all the times after that when my mom tried to get rid of her and I wouldn't let her...that's probably why I still have her.

    I didn't know she had a sister...cool.

    Thanks for sharing your toys and memories.

  16. Mya,

    you had a lot of fun childhood toys for sure;-)) How fun to look at. I thought this was a fantastic idea. I am sad I didn't have too many pictures of my childhood toys.



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